Scents and Note Profile:

White Birch: TOP: Eucalyptus, Mint MIDDLE: Cypress, Pine BASE: Tonka Bean, Smoke. This adds a new layer of sophistication.

Vetiver: TOP Bergamot, Lemon peel MIDDLE: Hemp, Cedar BASE: Vetiver, Dark Musk, Amber. Native to India Vetiver has been used for centuries to naturally enhance perfumes, food, and medicines.

Lemon Verba: TOP: Lemon MIDDLE: Lemon verbena, Lemongrass BASE: Vanilla. Spunky lemon and floral verbena combine in this uplifting citrus delight.

Cedar: TOP: Nutmeg, Lemon MIDDLE: Cedar BASE: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber. A woody, musky heart made from sustainably harvested sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils

Teak: TOP: bergamot, seagrass MIDDLE: lily, tonka  BASE: Teakwood, Amber Musk. This is the scent that ambushes you when you hit the hip stores.

Black Pepper: An oriental woody blend with cool spiciness. • Top – mandarin, cardamom

  • Middle – black pepper, jasmine
  • Bottom – sandalwood, patchouli, musk

Tomato Leaf: This is a ‘true to life’ freshly crushed tomato leaf from the garden. The aroma of just-plucked, green tomato leaves blends with hints of lemon peel and fresh summer herbs. Our Tomato Leaf fragrance is green and herbal, yet still light and airy enough to boost any room. A base of green leaves and moss intensifies the earthiness of the fragrance.

Top: Tomato Leaf, Lemon Peel

Middle: Lemongrass, Basil, Thyme

Base: Green Leaves, Moss

Scents will be added seasonal.

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Cello Candles

The candles are 100% soy wax. Burn time is from 70 to 100 hours and the fragrance is handpicked by David. We started this journey 8 years ago and decided to take it to the next level. Myles makes all the ceramic containers by hand that are one of a kind and I make the candles. They vary in size, colors. Choose your Scent,  fill out the form to let me know what you would like. Then purchase the size you would like it in.