A Simple Shampoo

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Davines is always evolving in the world of hair with products that are eco-friendly. The beauty of the company is that they not only concerned about the hair products but also the earth. If your looking for a 100% carbon- neutral shampoo well here it is, A Simple Shampoo by Davines.

A Simple Shampoo contains an active ingredient that supports biodiversity: one unique surfactant is sourced partially from the Quercetano Olive Slow Food Presidium. This olive-derived agent has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and noticeable similarities to oils your hair produces naturally this will give you a gentle and effective cleanse. A Simple Shampoo is perfect for everyday use every type of hair, offering elasticizing and hydration.

A Simple Shampoo

A Simple Shampoo is derived from 98% natural-origin,

The quinoa-based conditioning agent adds softness and shine, while a multifunctional carbohydrate provides hydration and moisture.

100% natural preservatives added — the 39% of synthetic preservatives comes from raw materials.

100% natural fragrance, made of natural essential oils. These include lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, patchouli and geranium essential oils.

100% ingredients have a supply chain traced to the place of origin. No added colorants, silicones or animal-derived ingredients, PEG or ethoxylates.

Where to find this amazing product?https://davidharringtonla.com/shop/davines-essential-haircare/a-single-shampoo/

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