Prepare your hair and skin for the summer fun with Davines Solu Sea salt scrub.

After months of cold weather and hanging in the house your hair and skin can look a little funky. Summer is approaching and now that the quarantine is getting more relax it is time to have some outdoor fun. Not sure about you but i love to run the streets in summertime fashion. Shorts, tee’s the lighter the fabric the better, so you need your hair and skin looking it’s best. I love to self indulge in doing a great hair, scalp and body sea salt scrub.

Davines has created a great line to do just that. This line is the Davines Solu Line that consist of a shampoo and sea salt scrub cleanser.

Ideal for city dwellers, it also removes pollution particles to help city-proof your mane. Regular use has a texturizing effect, minimizing signs of hair aging, maintaining cleanliness and boosting the volume of hair right from the root. One of my personal recommendation with the scrub is to use it on your body and renew your skin. I love this it revitalizes your skin leaving it smooth, soft and glowing. You should also follow up with a oil or moisturizing product for a added extra condition.

My favorite Oil!

I myself use the Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil on my body after the cleansing experience and the oil conditions the skin.  Nourishing and moisturizing oil, formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin and organic Carthame oil, which has antioxidant and protecting properties. The oil contains an extremely high percentage of fatty acids omega 6 and vitamin K, which is very important to skin regeneration. It provides a strong antioxidant action. It is present in Authentic products it is also enriched with organic jojoba oil. Ideal for hair because it strengthens and moisturizes by enhancing the hair’s natural oils. Thereby increasing shine and reducing breakages, sunflower oil and sesame oil, which all have antioxidant and nourishing action.

The Authentic line is great for the person that is on the go and line to simplify their product regime. Authentic line is for your body, face and hair and derived from organic ingredients. One of my favorites that you should a try because your body is worth it!

Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil

If you have any question on any of the products or how to use them please contact David for his professional advice.

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David is a creative force in the entertainment and salon industries, having styled for fashion greats such as Gucci, Escada and worked as a personal stylist for many Celebrities.

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