Solstice Magazine Shoot

January 2018

Photoshoot with Ron Beaver for Solstice Magazine in New York. It was a very cold winter day shooting a Spring Editorial at Root Studio. The shoot was very colorful and free. We had the great Elena Kurnosova modeling for us and I had the pleasure to work with her in 2017 for another project.

The team for this project was so great.

Photographer: Ron Beaver

Producer: Melissa Rodwell

Makeup: Jamie Dorman

Digitech: Tyler Mitchell

Lighting: Rico Elvina

Wardrobe: Brenden Alexander

Hair: Me

This project had a lot of movement and wind it was all about being free in the springtime. Our model had beautiful blonde hair but I wanted to get the maximum volume to it for all the motion so I added a large number of extensions to do just that.

I’m a big Davines hair products fan for a very long time and use a few products to help create volume.

Davines Product

Blowout: Your Hair Assistant Blowout Primer

Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist

Finishing: More inside Dry texture spray and medium hold hairspray

Iron: 1 1/2″ with a flat rap

Full set of extensions 24″

To see more photos please look at my website and for more information on this please feel free to contact me.