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January 2018

Photoshoot with Ron Beaver for Solstice Magazine in New York. It was a very cold winter day shooting a Spring Editorial at Root Studio. The shoot was very colorful and free. We had the great Elena Kurnosova modeling for us and I had the pleasure to work with her in 2017 for another project.

The team for this project was so great.

Photographer: Ron Beaver

Producer: Melissa Rodwell

Makeup: Jamie Dorman

Digitech: Tyler Mitchell

Lighting: Rico Elvina

Wardrobe: Brenden Alexander

Hair: Me

This project had a lot of movement and wind it was all about being free in the springtime. Our model had beautiful blonde hair but I wanted to get the maximum volume to it for all the motion so I added a large number of extensions to do just that.

I’m a big Davines hair products fan for a very long time and use a few products to help create volume.

Davines Product

Blowout: Your Hair Assistant Blowout Primer

Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist

Finishing: More inside Dry texture spray and medium hold hairspray

Iron: 1 1/2″ with a flat rap

Full set of extensions 24″

To see more photos please look at my website and for more information on this please feel free to contact me.

Working with Santiago in the desert early spring on an editorial shoot for Xiox Magazine. I was doing the grooming on the model, Josiah Hawley. It was still photos that have hit the magazine this month, May issue and video is out today. A great team of people work on this project.  Link 

Grooming: David Harrington,Wardrobe: Tyler McDaniel, Photographer: Santiago Bisso, Video: Gary Kent, production: bissonealproduction, Xiox Magazine, 

Please watch the fashion video. Well done Santiago Bisso!!!

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